Legislative/Policy Committee

The Legislative/Policy Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Westampton School Board. It is comprised of not more than 4 members and a District level administrator. The committee members are appointed annually by the President of the School Board. The Committee elects a Chairperson, annually.

The role of the Legislative/Policy Committee of the Westampton School Board includes:

  • Review and recommend to the full Board any changes in Westampton District policies and regulations (Most policy updates are mandated by statute or suggested by the NJ Department of Education, NJ School Boards Association, or Strauss Esmay Associates Policy & Regulation Manual Development consultants.)

  • Develop, revise and adopt policy and regulation to meet the needs of new or changing legislation to best serve our residents, employees, and students

  • Make reports, to the full Board, on the outcome of each sub-committee meeting