Links for Students

"You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get up and make it happen for yourself." ~Diana Ross

Below are some links and information that might be useful for you.

(Click on the titles in blue to access the provided link)

Bill's Games - This website offers various educational and recreational games. My favorite game is word scram (it's a lot like Boggle). Have fun and good luck!

Bullying - StopBullying.gov provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators, and educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying.

Date Safe Program- In February '13 and March '17 students in grades 7 & 8 attended a "Date Safe" presentation. Students were presented releated information via multimedia, life experiences of the three presenters, and discussion. You will find information relevant to this program in the attachments below.

Dealing with Cyberbullies - Please see the attachment below titled Dealing with Cyberbullies to view helpful information about this topic. There are various recommended websites on this brochure you may find helpful.

Free-Coloring Pages - Many fun things to do on this web site for people of all ages. Color pages, learning and arcade games. Game enthusiasts will totally enjoy this website!

Learn to play chess - Learn how to play chess for free at this site. Have fun and good luck!

NJ Youth Helpline - The purpose of this helpline is to promote healthy youth development by providing immediate interactive, empathetic, and respectful assistance, and linkage to information and services that address the myriad of social and health needs presented by young callers and website visitors. Open 24-7 including holidays beginning Fall 2008.