Bus Topics

Every student is expected to ride their assigned bus.

In order to ensure the safety of all students, please review appropriate bus etiquette with your child on a regular basis. My expectations for student behavior while on the school bus include the following:

  • Arrive at your assigned bus stop 5-10 minutes early and wait patiently on the sidewalk.
  • When the bus comes to a complete stop approach the bus and board in an organized manner.
  • Politely greet the bus driver.
  • Quickly sit down in the seat you were assigned and "buckle-up" pulling the seat belt firmly around the waist.
  • Remain seated until time to exit.
  • Keep your body, belongings, and unkind thoughts to yourself.
  • Be respectful to the bus driver and your peers.
  • Report inappropriate behavior immediately.
  • All electronic devices are to be off and out of sight so that students may be aware of their surroundings.

Please Note: Students are only permitted to board the bus they were assigned to ride.

Thank you for your cooperation and please encourage your child to share their daily experiences with you on a regular basis. Enjoy today!