Westampton Township Public Schools

2020-2021 District Goals

The Westampton Board of Education recognizes that specific goal setting is critical to meeting the overall goal of creating an environment where every student can meet his or her academic potential while growing as an individual and reaching to be their best. To that end, we will focus on progress on the following long term goals for the 2020-2021 school year: 

District Goal 1.To create the best programs for all of our students, we will continue to analyze our current and historical local and state testing data to determine the focal points of curricular and instructional efforts in the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. This analysis will inform decisions on professional development, material acquisition, and collaborative efforts with outside stakeholders for the year. For 2020-2021, this analysis has led towards the adoption of new math programs and the participation in a 3 year grant to align our math instruction to NJDOE Instructional Units using the Connected Action Roadmap framework.

District Goal 2.To create classroom environments for students to excel, we will continue to analyze our current methods of providing for the teacher leadership opportunities of our certified staff. From formal positions to inclusion in decision making processes to ownership of teacher created initiatives, we will look to enhance the leadership capacity at all levels. For 2020-2021, this has resulted in formal Teacher Leader positions as well as instructional technology support coaches.

District Goal 3.To foster a sense of teamwork and enhance pride throughout the Westampton Township community, we will continue to engage in new outreach programs that communicate school information, invite the general public to school sponsored events, and look for ways to bring the school mission into the community at large. For 2020-2021, this will focus on our new website, our new social media platforms, and our continued work with our Community Outreach Program.
District Goal 4.To create a proactive school system that is prepared for future changes, we will continue to modify long term plans for potential shifts in student population that would impact facilities, class sizes, technology, security, and other aspects of the educational program. For 2020-2021, this includes formal facility planning for security enhancements, air quality enhancements, and instructional space.