• HHS Safety Patrol


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    Period of Activity:   Two Sessions - September thru January and February thru June



    Advisor(s) : Dr. Rachel Feldman


    GOALS:   The goals and/or intended student outcomes for this activity are as follows. 

    • The fourth grade students will develop responsibility by patrolling given areas of the school and reporting back to coordinator.
    • The safeties will help aides and teachers keep the hallways, all-purpose room, and the area in front of the school (before school only) safe before and after school


    EXPECTATIONS:   The advisor and students should meet and/or exceed the following expectations.

    • The advisor will oversee the actions of the safeties assigned to certain duties throughout the school. 
    • The assigned safeties are expected to act in a respectful and responsible manner throughout their school day.
    • Students must sign a pledge to uphold the Safety Patrol Guidelines.
    • Parents must sign permission for their children to participate. 


    PROCEDURES:   The advisor(s) and student(s) have utilized the following procedures effectively.

    • The advisor is responsible for assigning duties based on responses from special area teachers, past teachers, and aides. 
    • The students use warnings for small offenses and report major offenses to the advisor immediately.  The advisor then talks to the student(s) involved and takes appropriate action.


    FIELD TRIPS:   Historically the students in this activity have benefited from the

    following educational field trip(s).  Please state how students benefit from the trip. 

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    September - January  

    Assess students for safety patrol, send home permission slip.  Assign duties to students.  Hold a discussion with assigned safeties.


    February - June

    Reassess students and assign new safeties to posts both in front of and throughout school.  Collect belts and pass out to new safeties.  Discuss responsibilities with new safeties.


    *Order pins and awards.  Complete.*



    Collect belts and pass out awards and pins for participation.





    MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS:   Advertising, sign-ups, selection process, daily transportation, costumes/uniforms, important, contacts, etc. 




    Permission slip

    Sent home at the beginning of each session.  Gives permission to be a safety. 

    Duty slips and rules

    Twice each year, safeties are assigned to different posts around and in front of the school.  Slips are given to each safety at the beginning of the session telling them where their duty is and what their responsibilities are.

    Safety Awards and Pins

    Safety Awards and pins are ordered (free) in March or April.  The awards must be completed.  They are given out in June at the Awards Assembly.