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    Family Information
  • Below please find a few sites for families.

     "Growing Up Online" - This site contains information received from a workshop I recently attended.  This is a must visit for parents who are concerned about the technology and internet use of their kids.  Once on the website please click "Introduction" and then "Watch Online" to view various topics that have appeared on "Dateline."

    My Space - This is a website where students can communicate with their friends through words and pictures.  My suggestion is that you do not allow your son/daughter to participate on this website.  Please call me should you need more information about this topic. Go to NetSmartz and/or Safe Kids to view more information regarding "My Space".  Both of these sites were recommended by Sergeant Detective Samartino during the internet safety presentation.  In addition, you are encouraged to read MSNBC Dateline Re: Why Parents Must Mind MySpace.   You may also find it interesting and informative.  

    THE HUMAN BRAIN - The Brain Connection website developed by Scientific Learning Corp., is a free resource for K-12 educators and students that provides quality information about how the brain works and how people learn.  Here you will find useful and informative articles as well as brain games and jokes.