• Mr. Condoleon "Mr. C."
    7th Grade Inclusion
    Drama & Stage Crew Director
    WMS Drama Department 
  • This is my third year at WMS and it is an absolute pleasure getting to know my students and their preferred learning styles! It is my sincere goal to reach my students and instill motivation to succeed and increase organizational skills using a multi-faceted approach to learning!
  • Please refer to my colleagues respective websites as well for updates:

    Mrs. Kronemeyer- Math

    Mrs. Carty - Language Arts

    Mrs. Duba - Science

    Mr. Powers - Social Studies

    For the first marking period, the students will have Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and specials. We will be alternating Social Studies and Science for each marking period (SS - 2nd and 4th / Sci - 1st and 3rd)