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  •  Who are the Child Study Team members in each of our schools?

    The Child Study Team consists of Learning Consultant, Psychologist, Social Worker and Speech/Language Specialist as required by the New Jersey Department of Education.

    Felicia Miller


    Learning Consultant LDT/C

    609-267-2722 Extension 1009


     Lisa Bungarden

    Social Worker  609-267-2722 Extension 1007

    Jacqueline Hammell


    Speech Therapist 609-267-8565

    Brooke Gordon


    Speech Therapist 609-267-2722 Extension 1119

    Christina Stewart


    Occupational Therapist 


    Kathy Pagdon


    Child Study Team Secretary 609-267-2722 Extension  1008


    What are the responsibilities of the School Psychologist?

    The school psychologist has expertise in determining a child's level of cognitive and conceptual development.  In addition, the psychologist is concerned with the emotional status of the student, and how both internal and external factors may affect behavior and performance in school. The school psychologist works with both general education and special education teachers to maximize a student's potential.  Counseling is also provided by the School Psychologist for classified students.

    What are the responsibilities of the Learning Disabilities Teacher - Consultant?

    The Learning Consultant (LDTC) is trained to assess the learning styles of students, to evaluate the achievement levels in the core content areas (reading, written language and mathematics) and to recommend specific teaching methods and strategies that may benefit a student.

     What are the responsibilities of the School Social Worker?

    The responsibilities of the Social Work lies in assessing the student relative to the family, the school, and the community.  This professional generally gathers information concerning the student's health, family, and school history as it pertains to the student's current school functioning.  The Social Worker is also the professional responsible for coordinating community resources on behalf of students and their families.  Counseling is also provided by the School Social Worker for classified students.

    What are the responsibilities of the School Speech and Language Therapist?

    The Speech & Language Therapist's role in the schools is to diagnose and work with students who have communication problems that affect their success in classroom activities, social interaction, literacy, and learning. We work with a variety of disabilities such as: language delay/disorder, voice, fluency or stuttering, and articulation. We assess students' communication skills, evaluate the results of comprehensive assessments, and develop and implement IEPs. Direct services are provided in a small group setting and teacher consultation is utilized for integration of services.