• Discipline Information 
  • Student Handbook 
    (See attachment at bottom of this page to view the contents of the Student/Parent Handbook)

    Every student and staff member has the right to feel safe and secure in our school environment.  The WMS staffs want our students to continue to feel safe on the bus, during school, and when attending school sponsored activities. 

    When a situation or an incident occurs, you may be asked to provide the following information:
      ·   When did the incident occur?

      ·   Where did it take place?

      ·   What happened or what was said?

      ·   Did anyone see or hear it?

    When an incident occurs off campus after hours, please click HERE , complete the form, and return to Mr. Andris.  

    Do not assume that a staff member is aware of your son's or daughter's situation. When you have a concern, please contact me via telephone or email so that we may always provide an environment that is conducive for learning.  Have a great day!

    Mr. Matt Andris