• Red and Sight Words



    Letters and sounds we know:

    u (umbrella), j (jog), i (igloo), t (tag), l (log), m (mom), g (gag), d (dad), a (apple), o (octopus), c (cat) 


    Sight words (need to know how to read)

    for, see, come, here, are, we, she, little, is, was, he, me, you, on, said, look, and, I, the 


    Red words (need to know how to read & spell)

     a, to

  • Orton Gillingham is a sequential phonics-based system.  It teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings.  Orton utilizes the three learning modalities - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.


    The program includes:

    • phonemic awareness
    • phonics
    • vocabulary development
    • fluency
    • comprehension strategies