•   The FISH Bowl Times



    Please go over all letter sounds that we know.  If you say the sound, have your child write the letter on a piece of paper.  You can put together 3 sounds to make a word that your child can write.

     Also practice writing the 2 red words (a, to) correctly. 


    **Please keep all homework home until Friday.

    **Please clean out your child’s binder each night!


    Monday—Day 3


    Tuesday—Day 4


    Wednesday—Day 5


    Thursday  - Day 6


    Friday—Day 1— Wear your favorite COLOR

    Homework due

    Spelling test (sounds/letters/red words)




  • Looking for extra homework???? 

    Try these things at home with your child:


    · Practice writing your numbers and ABCs - upper and lowercase - the correct way (see http://www.auburn.edu/~murraba/letters.html )  

    · Practice cutting with children's scissors

    · Have your child draw shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star, heart)

    · Have your child sit in a chair and complete an activity

    · Practice raising your hand

    · Practice putting papers into a folder

    · Use a tissue to blow your nose

    · Tie your shoes

    · Use a computer - double click with the mouse