• BEE Binder


    B(bring) E(everything) E(everyday)

    The B.E.E. binder will assist your child with organizational skills and help to maintain effective communication between school and home.

     The inside cover is where your child will place important notices from/to school. These notices may come from the main office, one of your child's teachers, or a staff member.   Please place any forms or notes that need to be seen by the teacher in this area.  This includes lunch money, book orders, and Aftercare forms.

    ** Please check it daily.

    ** Money coming into school should always be placed in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child's first and last name, 2-H, and the amount.  Please identify what the money is for, ie: lunch money, book order, pretzel money, etc. 

     The sight word list for each marking period will be included. Please review these words frequently. Your child should be able to identify them in 3-5 seconds without needing to decode them or self-correct.

    The homework folder will be where your child's weekly homework is placed.  The packet will be given on a Monday and is due on Friday. 

    A Friday folder will be placed in your child's BEE Binder at the end of every school week.  Student work as well as paperwork from the office that is not time sensitive will be found in this folder.  Please be sure to clean it out before the beginning of the next week.