• Building Reading Skills

    Good reading skills are important for success in school...and in life.  That's because almost everything we do involves reading.  And the best way to build good reading skills is to read often.

    You can help your child build her reading skills by making reading an important part of your day-to-day activities at home.  Be a reading role model--let your child see you reading for fun.  Set aside time to read together--at least 15 minutes a day.

    Does your child claim reading is boring?  Prove that it's not.  Look for books, magazines, even websites that focus on the things she likes.  Share them with her (but don't force them on her).

    You Can Encourage Reading by:

    1.  Writing notes to your child.  Leave them in different places around the house.

    2.  Asking your child to read to you.  It can be anything--the headlines in the morning paper, the back of the cereal box or the meatloaf recipe you're making for dinner.

    3.  Limiting TV time.  Studies show that children who spend more than 10 hours a week watching TV don't read as well as kids whose families set limits on TV.