The Westampton School District, in partnership with our Community,

shall do whatever it takes to ensure that every child

achieves or exceeds proficiency

in the current New Jersey Standards for Student Learning.

Be open!  Be creative!  Be accountable!

Congratulations WMS Lady Giants!
2017 Middle School Girl's Basketball Champions

School District and School Grades Required by the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act

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Board of Education Meeting:  Presentations
Click the links below to access the presentations made at our August 8, 2016
Board of Education meeting as well as projected class sizes for the upcoming  school year.

Westampton Township Public Schools 2016-2017 District and Board of Education Goals:

District Goal 1.

Student Achievement:  The Westampton Township Public Schools will utilize District Data Teams to work with staff to analyze students’ success is all facets of school life, from assessment data and curricular viability, to attendance and discipline data.  Through implementation of data-driven, strategic actions, student achievement will increase by an average minimum of (three) 3% in each subject area of our state mandated assessments (PARCC).

District Goal 2.

Human Resources:  The Westampton Township Public Schools will promote equity by continuing efforts to recruit and retain a staff that is ethnically and culturally diverse, ensuring that all search committees see this as a key district goal. Annual recruitment data, student teaching placements and hiring data will be reviewed and analyzed.

District Goal 3.

Community Engagement:  TheWestampton Township Public Schools will engage the community in support of the district’s strategic plan, and equity and diversity goals. Attendance at events and annual survey completion data will be compiled and assessed to support enhanced community engagement.

District Goal 4.

Fiscal Responsibility:  The Westampton Township Public Schools will maintain the financial integrity of our district while providing quality programs that meet or exceed the needs of all students by maintaining a balanced annual budget, reviewing student enrollment monthly and prioritizing funds in order to support the continued development of curriculum and student instruction.


BOE Goal 1.

Student Achievement:  The Westampton Township Board of Education will review disaggregated data from our District Data Teams. Assessment data analyses and cohort analyses will be part of our State of the Schools report.


BOE Goal 2.

Human Resources: The Westampton Township Board of Education will support equity in ethnic and cultural diversity, enlisting the support of our community in attracting and retaining staff reflective of our student demographics.


BOE Goal 3.

Community Engagement: The Westampton Township Board of Education will oversee production of a School District to Community communiqué to highlight our schools, engage the community in strategic planning goals, provide enrollment information, and enhance parent and community opportunities for input on school related decisions.


BOE Goal 4.

Fiscal Responsibility:  The Westampton Township Board of Education will exhibit a forward-thinking philosophy by overseeing a minimum unassigned balance in its’ general fund ranging from one (1%) to three (3%) percent of the subsequent year’s budgeted expenditures and outgoing transfers. 

For a school related emergency between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM,
parents can call (609) 367-5850 for assistance.